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Krušo DOO Company was founded in 1997 and 100% privately owned.

In 2006, market needs were recognized and the company's business expanded by establishing business units Niskogradnja.

PJ "Krušo niskogradnja" d.o.o. has been more than a decade at the forefront of the local housing construction market - business facilities, construction of facilities for third parties and high-budget projects. Elementary the activity is the execution of construction works in the field of civil engineering, civil engineering, designing, manufacturing. aggregates, fresh concrete, concrete accessories. Imperative of our business is represented by: top quality, compliance with standards and execution times works, thanks to which we gained the trust of clients and professional associates. planned by investing in the company's long-term development, we have built the image of a trusted and secure partner.

Vision of the future, quality in work, investment in young people and professionals - a recipe that  Krušo niskogradnja DOO applies throughout all years of existence, and this is the direction it will continue to go. We have to point out the satisfaction of our customers and partners that came from trust and mutual respect. Throughout the decade of successful business operations can be praised the outstanding results. From the start, the company first set up for the main goals of the quality of construction and respect of deadlines, following the trends in construction and construction he is continually refining. Today, it also confirms the latest facilities on the occasion construction are respected by high standards, as well as state-of-the-art technology.

Krušo niskogradnja DOO owns licenses for performing works on high - rise buildings, for production of hydro engineering projects and installation of water supply and sewerage, for performing works from the field of traffic and hydro engineering and for performing works on civil engineering works.

By introducing Quality Management Standards QMS ISO 9001: 2008 and standards of protection Environment ISO 14001: 2004, Krušo niskogradnja DOO keeps pace with time and requirements market.

Structure of employees

There are currently seventy employees. Hired highly educated and skilled staff:

- B.Sc. of Construction - Responsible Engineer - Four Employees
- B.Sc. of Architecture - One Employee
- bachelor's degree - one employee
- technical preparation - one employee
- Construction technicians - Four employees
- qualified work force (armies, carpenters, masonry, drivers and craftsmen)
- unskilled labour force (auxiliary workers)
and fund young staff who, after graduation, will get into employment.






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Krušo D.O.O.
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