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Production and Sales of Aggregates

- minced aggregates
- minced tampon 0-60mm
- crushed stone aggregates, stone dross and chamois wastes

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  • 2Aggregate 16 - 32
  • 5Right aggregate 0-4. Left aggregate 8-16. Right behind aggregate 4-8.
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Production and sale of fresh concrete

Concrete as a material is nowadays unavoidable in all forms of construction. KRUŠO d.o.o. for production of fresh concrete masses use the quality control components of certified suppliers what enables the production of concrete of top quality, which can meet all the requirements market.

In addition to the classic brands of concrete (MB10, MB15, MB20, MB25, MB30, MB35, MB40, MB45, MB50, MB55) we can also offer concrete of special types and uses.

These are concretes made with sulfate resistant cement, low thermal hydration, CEM markings III / B 42.5N. For the project to build a wastewater treatment plant, ours the firm has manufactured, supplied and installed these concrete.

We have also manufactured and delivered the most demanding types of concrete, with strict quality control, for the needs of capital construction "Mega Yaht Marine" of the future tourist complex "PORTON" - Kumbor

The company "Krušo" doo is qualified to produce all concrete markings according to EN206-1: 2000 inclulding:

1. Strength grading:
8/10; C12 / 15; C16 / 10; C20 / 25; C25 / 30; C30 / 37; C35 / 45; C40 / 50; C45 / 55; C50 / 60; C55 / 67; C60 / 75

2. Classification of exposure due to the influence of the environment:
X0, XC1, XC2, XC3, XC4, XD1, XD2, XD3, SX1, XS2, XS3, XF1, XF2, XF3, XA1, XA2, XA3,

3. Classification of coexistence:

- By the class of compactness
- By the class of diffusion
- The class of sirloin

We produce:

- Concrete for prefabricated structures for concrete surfaces and parking spaces
- self-extinguishing concrete (SCC)
- concrete resistant to cycles (freeze-thaw, frost and so)
- high strength concrete
- Concrete for sliding moldings
- waterproof concrete
- Natur concrete
- massive concrete
- Concrete with reinforced fiber
- heavy concrete
- underwater concrete
- Light concrete
- Concrete for liners ("TERACO" concrete)
- concrete with slow and fast binding
- Sprayed concrete ("TORKRET") is a dry and wet process

At the request of the investor, it is possible to install all standard grade concrete pumps on spot.






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